Free sample maths worksheets - all grades

   Hello to all english maths teachers out there.

   Lisa has been kind enough to send us these practice tests and problem banks. These are all sample pdf files so some of them may require previous registry. Print them and use them with total freedom. Enjoy!


New year: busy teacher in 2018 :)

Happy brand new 2018! We are happy to kick off a new year bringing you more collaboration websites for and by teachers. 

The one we are presenting this month is Busy Teacher. It holds more than 17,000 worksheets devoted to kids, young learners and adults enhancing their speaking, reading and vocabulary skills. 

Visit Busy Teacher

Moreover, every single worksheet is free and it only requires e-mail registration.
Happy worksheet hunting everyone!!!


The best FCE channels on Youtube

Hello teachers. In this occasion I made a list of all the Youtube channels used in my school by our FCE teachers. If you know any other as good as these ones, please leave a comment and we'll include it in the list. Enjoy! Here it goes:

Online lesson sessions for students preparing FCE (many topics from Use of English are covered with this playlist)

In this channel you will find playlists with different sample audio and paper questions. It is great to improve your listening skills as well as the timing given by the paper exercises.

This playlist is devoted to introduce the speaking test of FCE: from its organization, topics and example interviews.

4- Speaking Test Intrviews (FCE for schools - good examples)

Some useful tips from the channel Practice english with Paul.


Top 5 Reading Comprehension Websites

Hello dear teachers.
Today I bring you five websites with free worksheets that you cannot miss if you want to encourage reading skills on your young learners. Enjoy!

1. Scholastic Printables: With more than 800 reading comprehension worksheets, this is your one-stop-shop for grades Pre-K-8.
2. Worksheet Library: This is one of the most comprehensive worksheet resources you’ll find. You can download and print generic comprehension worksheets or choose from 13 book-specific collections that come with quizzes, open-ended questions, vocabulary reviews and more—all on a book and chapter level.
3ReadWorks: With a free ReadWorks account, you have access to hundreds of reading comprehension worksheets, all of which are tied to Lexile level, grade level, text type, skill/strategy, and domain—Life Science, U.S. History, etc.
4. Reading Resource: Download these free printable worksheets created by educational professional Allison Fryer. Choose from a handful of “Starfall” worksheets, along with book-movie comparison sheets and metacognition diary templates.
5. English Worksheets Land: This website, with more than 25,000 CCSS-aligned worksheets, offers both free and locked (only accessible with an upgraded account) reading comprehension worksheets.


Review: GrammarBank.com

Hello fellow teachers.
Today I want to review an awesome resource bank for our lessons: grammarbank.com
This is a website full of useful resources, from worksheets, to multiple choice tests and reading exercises. It gives you the possibility to download printable pdfs.

All of their online exercises, worksheets and handouts are also available in printable version.Teachers can use use GrammarBank content in classrooms, as homework assignments or as testing material and all of it is for free. Check it out and tell us what you think of the website.