IGCSE Review Contents: S-cool Revision

Today I want to recommend a great website dedicated to providing high quality GCSE and A-level revision material totally FREE. Within the site you will find all sorts of subjects from GCSE Biology to A-level Psychology as well as hints and tips for your students that may help them pass their exams. Check it out:

S-cool Revision


Wrtiting Fun

Writing Fun by Jenny Eather

This website has a cool presentation on how to help kids write using text organizers. Nice ideas on writing letters, envelopes, e-mails and more!


Crime Investigations

Have fun with experiments while your students learn English through Science skills.
Here we present the teacher's booklet (primary level: Grades 3 to 5) of a workshop conducted by the University of North Texas. It contains some ideas to perform experiments that are easy to carry out in class since they require materials that we all have at home.
Download the pdf booklet here.


Teach English, Teach about the Environment

We have just received this mailing with very useful material for those teachers who work with Science courses.

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed the Teach English, Teach about the Environment curriculum to help you teach English to adult students while introducing basic concepts about the environment and individual environmental responsibility. These concepts can help the newly-arrived be part of cleaner and healthier communities by understanding and practicing the "3Rs" of solid waste management – reduce, reuse, recycle. "Background Information – The 3Rs of Solid Waste Management" on page 40 should be read before using this curriculum.
The curriculum uses a hands-on, multi-sensory, multi-media approach to show how personal behavior can improve the overall environmental well-being of the family, home, and community. Lesson plans are provided for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. Each lesson plan has a language as well as an environmental objective. It also provides background on the environmental objective, a list of materials needed, a glossary of terms used in that lesson and a worksheet. Lessons should be introduced when the adult learner is already familiar with the grammatical construction emphasized in the materials. Flash cards and picture files are also included.
We hope that you find Teach English, Teach about the Environment a useful and interesting resource for your students. "

Click here to download Teach English, Teach about the Environment for free (pdf)