Welcome everyone !!

Welcome to our blog. The idea of the blog is to create an online community of teachers who can share ideas and materials for free in order to maximize time, quality and innovation in our lesson plans. Fell free to use / download any of the material posted here and we would appreciate if you could contribute with your own original material as well.

  • What sort of material do we share? We're interestied in worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for ESL teachers. All submitted material should be non- copyrighted material. We can only post original material created by us. In all posts, each collaborator will be properly credited.

  • Can I download material without contributing? Yes, you can. However, we would appreciate your feedback or contribution anytime you can.

  • Is the material posted here free to download? Yes, all material is downloadable for free and anyone can have access to it.

  • How do I contribute with my material? Simply send your resourses by e-mail using the "Submit your material" link. The material should be sent as an email attachment. You can send in as many or as few contributions as you wish in single or multiple emails.

  • What format do we need to use? All MS Office files, pdf files, jpeg / jpg / mpeg / gif files or avi / mov files.
  • Submit your material by clicking on the image below:

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