Educational Websites: Global Warming for Kids

From now on we'll recommend sites with educational resources related to Sciences and Current Affairs. This week's particular site is a very good source of activities and information about Global Warming.

The website contains a thorough explanation of the concept, as well as animations to help kids understand the relation between the greenhouse effect and the climate. It also includes teaching activities to perform in class or special projects according to age and a nice set of games (word search, hangman, checkers & crossword puzzles). Don't miss this great site! It's important to let kids understand our responsability in stopping global warming.

Climate Change Kids Site

Please feel free to suggest or submit any other educational site that you know it's a-must-see.

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Learn English said...

I like the idea of teaching kids with real life topics. Not only you are teaching them English, but you are giving them general knowledge about the world they live in.