The World Cup (South Africa 2010) in the classrooms

Michelle Worgan gives us a dose of World Cup fever with her winning Lesson Share entry that practises the first conditional.

Age: Teenagers / Adults
Level: High elementary / Pre-intermediate
Time: Approx. 60 minutes
Objective: To present and practise the first conditional using the topic of the World Cup
Key skills: Speaking, writing
Materials: One copy of the 2010 World Cup fixture chart per pair of students; one piece of blank paper per student; a football or picture of a football.

Click here to view the photocopiable material

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Linda said...

My ESL students love soccer, and this is the perfect lesson to get newcomers excited about communicating in English. Motivation is clearly the backbone to a successful ESL classroom, and relevant, engaging material such as this World Cup lesson help to keep anxiety low and internal motivation high. Thank you for sharing!