Tips to estimulate quick learning on your young students

Sometimes learning english can be hard for young learners because they find it boring, because they spend already too much time among school books and whiteboards, or simply because they have amazing auditive memory instead of reading memory. 

What can we do with those students? Encourage them to learn through less conventional ways, through movies and songs. Art is a well defined runway of language learning. The key is to find short clips or trailers that can match your lesson plan. Today with Youtube, that is a piece of cake for good teachers.
Here are some tips that can help you plan a lesson for these particular group of students:

1. Choose an interesting movie
2. Select a movie that matches your current English level. 
3. Movies with subtitles (cc in youtube) are always more encouraging for young learners. 
4. Repeat without subtitles after the kids have been familiarized with the vocabulary and the clauses of the dialogues in the scenes. 
6. Download VLC player, it works with most video formats and has a low crash rate and it's free. 

Now be honest with yourself, who wouldn´t love to learn academic abilities while watching a scene from Star Wars or Harry Potter? Huh?...

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